9:00 AM
Resolution panels
12:00 PM
Lunch break
1:30 PM
Call to order, opening ceremonies, reports
2:15 PM
Hassan Yussuff, President, CLC
2:45 PM
Andrea Horwath, Leader, Ontario NDP
3:00 PM
Policy Debate Investing in a Canada Where No One is Left Behind
4:00 PM
Jon Ashworth, Shadow Cabinet MP, UK Labour Party
4:15 PM
Policy Debate Strengthening Rights and the Canadian Identity
5:15 PM
Dinner break (regional caucus meetings)
6:45 PM
Report Campaign review
8:30 AM
Policy Debate Redefining Canada’s Place in the World
9:30 AM
Julius Grey
10:00 AM
Panel Proportional Representation: How it Helps and How to Get There
  • Marc Andre Bodet Of the University of Laval
  • Alexandrine Latendresse, Former MP
  • Rick Smith of the Broadbent Institute 
  • Kelly Carmichael of Fair Vote 
10:30 AM
Policy Debate Governing in a Fair and Inclusive Canada
11:30 AM
Panel Building a Local Movement: Candidates from 2015
  • Emilie Taman
  • Hans Marotte
  • Mira Oreck
  • Tanya De Mello
  • Jennifer Hollett
  • Aaron Paquette
12:00 PM
Lunch break
1:30 PM
Rachel Notley, Leader, Alberta NDP
2:00 PM
Policy Debate Party Affairs
3:00 PM
Showcase Building a Nation to Nation Approach
  • Melanie Mark, BCNDP MLA
  • Romeo Saganash, MP
  • Cindy Blackstock, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society
3:30 PM
Speeches from Presidential candidates
3:50 PM
Panel Tax Havens: The Price we Pay
  • Alain Deneault, Author, Canada: A New Tax Haven
  • Harold Crooks, Filmmaker, The Price We Pay
  • Angella MacEwen, CLC
4:20 PM
Policy Debate Innovating and Prospering in the New Energy Economy
5:15 PM
Stephen Lewis
9:15 AM
Policy Debate Building a Clean and Sustainable Canada
10:00 AM
Tom Mulcair, Leader of the NDP
10:30 AM
Votes and elections
11:00 AM
Policy Debate Emergency Resolutions
12:00 PM
Election results
12:10 PM
This agenda is subject to change

Key dates

April 7, 2016 Youth Convention

April 8–10, 2016 Federal Convention